US Televangelist Frederick KC Price fighting for life against COVID-19

Christians around the world have been called to continue in prayers for the founder of the Crenshaw Christian Centre, Dr. Fred K. C. Price who took ill about a week ago.

The 89-year-old founder of the 28,000-member Los Angeles-based Christian centre, Price is battling against the novel COVID-19 disease which has affected his lungs.

“Today, I am calling on all members and friends of Crenshaw Christian Center New York and on everyone everywhere who has been touched by the teaching of Apostle Frederick K.C. Price to join in a worldwide prayer for the Apostle as he faces the health challenges posed by COVID-19. Specifically, we need to pray for the complete restoration of Apostle’s lungs, heart and kidneys and any other parts of his body that are now under attack as he remains in the hospital,” Minister Baltimore Scott, the staff administrator for the center’s New York operations, announced in a statement on social media last Sunday.

“This morning in prayer, I called on Father God to remember His faithful son and servant, Frederick K.C. Price and the beacon of light and truth in teaching the Word that Apostle has been to the body of Christ and to the world. I said that our church family, the Body of Christ and the world need Apostle Price more than ever to remain with us as that true beacon of the Father’s Word and example of integrity and truth the world needs so badly now,” Scott added.

Officials at Crenshaw Christian Center East did not immediately respond when contacted for further information of Price’s condition on Wednesday, but his son, Pastor Fred Price Jr., who is now senior leader of the church, revealed more than a month ago, when his father turned 89, that both of his parents had contracted the new coronavirus.

“Happy 89th birthday Dad, I love you and honor you for the measuring stick of a man you’ve been my entire life. As many of you know my parents both tested positive for Covid-19. Once the frustration and annoyance passed, I reminded myself of their faith and the many challenges they’ve overcome. Coronavirus is just another notch on their belts. Thanks for all your prayers; much love and appreciation to you all,” Price Jr. 4th January.

The Crenshaw Christian Church, also known as the Faithdome, was founded by Price in 1973. With a seating capacity of 10,000, the church building is recognized as one of the world’s largest houses of worship.

Price, who is a proponent of the prosperity gospel, is also known for his global “Ever Increasing Faith Ministries” television broadcast that started in 1978.


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