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Dunsin Oyekan Makes Shocking Revelation About Wife’s Death

Dunsin Oyekan, a favourite gospel music ministers from Nigeria has encouraged Christians to embrace joyful living.

Sharing how he survived the experience of losing his wife, Adedoyin, the minstrel said he intentionally released sounds of joy over the atmosphere turning a time of supposed mourning to worship.

In an Instagram chat tagged ‘Sounds Of Joy’ with Dr. Kayode Ijisesan, Founder and President of KingsWord Ministries International, Oyekan revealed that when the death of his wife occurred few years ago, he was busy playing the guitar while accompanying the men who bore his wife’s corpse to the morgue.

On the day of her burial, he also revealed that he worshipped God with some brethren for not less than half an hour before he left the house with his guitar for the burial ground.

“When my wife passed away, I love to say this, so that people can learn, the only thing I could hold on to was my guitar, some people came to the house to mourn, quote and unquote, but my response was to sing. Dunsin did you cry? Yes. Did it get to you? Yes, many times. I had to release the spirit of joy over my atmosphere intentionally.

“I was ministering to the Lord songs, yes it wasn’t so palatable but I had to hold my guitar and ministered praise the Lord my spirit soul and body. On the day of laying her to mother earth before we left the house, the people who were with me we worshipped for nothing less than 30 minutes.

“It will shock you sir, this thing I am saying I am not sure I have said it anywhere I went with my guitar to the burial ground. In fact let me shock more people listening to me now, taking her corpse to the mortuary after the incident happened and the guys were taking her I was following them with a guitar playing he has given me victory. In the middle of serious pain, when I say joy is unspeakable I know exactly what im talking about,” Oyekan shared.

Earlier during the chat, he stressed that what the church needs at a time as this were prophetic minsters not music artistes,positioned in releasing sounds to announce specific seasons.

This was in reaction to the comment by Ijisesan that God was calling Christians to be strategic and intentional where releasing joy was concerned as to come to the full capacity of what He wants to do.

“People need to understand that God cannot do anything without a sound, there must be a sound , there will always be a sound that comes. There has to be a sound that announces a season, that is why this season we need more prophetic worshipers not artistes; to be able to go deep in God and bring out a sound.

“We are in a cycle and I strongly believe that in this cycle nobody can change it, it may have to be fast tracked but series of events must surely happen.

May I say this that happiness and joy are not the same thing, happiness is based on what happens but I believe joy is a spirit , joy is unspeakable, that is why it is called the spirit of joy we must intentionally to release the sound of joy over the atmosphere,” Oyekan added.


Story by Bunmi Eze

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