‘COVID-19 is punishment from God’

By Dayo Emmanuel


President of the Christ Apostolic Mission Church (CAMC), Pastor Adesoji Ajayi has said that the COVID-19 pandemic is a punishment from God because the world has deviated from him. The cleric added that the world would have another experience if there is no repentance.

Ajayi, who fielded questions from journalists at the headquarters of the church in Lagos, has been in charge of the church for 20 years. According to him the world has gone its way away from the creator and should return to God or expect another thing after COVID-19.

“When we look at COVID-19, my view of the issue differs from the majority of pastors. You would ask why. You would say it originated from Wuan, but man generally is far from God, he has deviated from God,” he said.

Stating further the septuagenarian said, “I see it as a punishment and we are still far away from God.”

According to him, many who think they know God are liars as half of the world knows nothing about God.

“About 50 percent of humanity would think they know God.  They don’t know God at all. 50 percent are atheists and 45 percent would think they know God and worship Him. Even among Christians, we pretend to be serving God but we are not.

“You would ask a man what brings people to God? Our Lord Jesus Christ fed 5,000 persons, then the following day they rushed down again. His disciples said, Master, these people were here yesterday, they are here again. He said don’t mind them. They are here because of what they got yesterday.

“45 percent of humanity thinks they serve God, it is only five percent that worship God, even within the five percent framework, there are still the doubting Thomases. The most difficult thing in life is to know God except your mind is open. No one can know God except his mind is opened.

“So when you see a very large crowd, just don’t see it as a crowd of those who know God. They are those who need babies, jobs, and the rest of them. You will find them and you will think they know God. You will find God in very small denominations. I’m sorry to say this because those who are looking for miracles will think they can’t find miracles in small places,” he said.

Continuing, the President of the CAMC said many so called ministers of the gospel are not recognised by God. “Many of us who call ourselves men of God are men of the devil, some must have gone to one baba and get something to use. We have never solicited for fund from anybody. It is a very big offence to dupe people in the name of God,” he said.

He however submitted that the COVID-19 pandemic came as a result of the drifting away of the world from God.

“So on COVID-19 like I said, we did enquire and the Lord said the whole world has deviated from Him and even China where it started from is inhabited by people who don’t recognise God, but that is not what we are saying,” he said.

Ajayi however ended on a warning note that man must return to God or expect another thing apart from the pandemic.

“The Lord is still waiting for man to come back, man has deviated from the ways of God. In the UK, you will find churches without people. It is the old people who are waiting for death that you find in churches. You can’t find young people there.

“So for COVID-19, not until we go back to God. Even if it ends today, we should still be expecting something else, except we return to the Lord.

In December 2019, COVID-19 was discovered in Wuan, China and early in 2020, it was declared a pandemic. Many countries shut down and a lock-down was forced for three months in some countries like Nigeria.

Over 33 million cases were found in the United States of America alone out of which over 602,000 patients were lost. 26 million cases were found in India and over 291,000 persons have died so far.

Brazil is second worst hit country with over 444,000 deaths as at May 2021 according to The same website gave that 2,067 persons were lost to the disease in Nigeria as at May as well.

Meanwhile, a new strain said to be more deadly has been ravaging India and the country is still writhing under the weight of the pandemic.

The Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has continued to warn Nigerians to keep on observing the COVID-19 protocols of maintaining social distance, avoiding large crowd, regularly washing of hands with soap under running water, applying alcohol-based hand sanitizer and of course making use of face masks in the public places.


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