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To publish undiluted Word of God
To uphold the fact that though the World is changing but the Word remains same
We are resolved to be objective and fair in our reporting, analysing issues and refrain from sensationalism and falsehood.
As our name, NewStream implies, we aim at opening new frontiers in information gathering and dissemination by ensuring the relevance of what we feature to the envisaged future for individuals and the society.

NewStream exists to further the work of the Holy Bible. It aims at helping people to understand the Bible and challenge them to live to the fullest, all that God has provided for. It is non-denominational.

NewStream, whether as Newspaper, Magazine, Radio, Television or in any form, will direct its focus on the truth that sets free. It shall reflect how the word of God already provided for success, excellence, distinction in every area of life, and challenge its audience to new possibilities to life.

NewStream shall be opened to and propagate ideas, principles and developments based on the precepts of the Bible.

NewStream shall be a place to write or speak forthrightly about life and living, relationship, finance, health, business, politics, technology and various issues of life that will help to attain the abundant life which Jesus came to give.